Debra Botwinick – Broker Associate at V & N Realty • 201-692-3700

Local real estate agents – Worth their weight in gold. Do so much more for their clients – Then just getting a home sold. Our contacts and experience, ever so bountiful – Read and discover, how we are so valuable.  Contractors, architects, interior design – Who can replace my sewer line?  Painters, paving, roofing, siding – Waterproofing, flooring, chimney lining. Tank removal, pest control, mold and asbestos abatement – Pella, Anderson or vinyl window replacement. Plumbers, masons, landscapers, electricians – Clergy,  tutors, dentists, physicians. Catering, masseuse, hairdresser, trainer – Which mode of public transportation arrives a little later? Restaurants, supermarkets, a Starbucks brew – Can you recommend a great cleaning crew? Parks, playgrounds, Houses of Worship – Where can I take that quick monthly dip? Pre Schools, private schools, public schools galore – Can you please take me on a quick town tour? Conventional, home equity, refi, FHA – Homeowners Insurance, movers, its closing day. And way beyond closing, You know you can depend – On your local Realtor, Who has become your new friend!

Annekee Brahver-Keely – Broker Associate at Russo Real Estate • 201-314-2125

A good real estate broker/sales associate does more than just help sell a home or find a good qualified buyer. A seasoned agent will have an excellent source of recommendations that both buyers and sellers can count on when they need a roofer, a plumber, a mortgage broker, a handyman, a painter, an attorney etc. A seasoned broker will give more than just one person as a recommendation that have a good track record. From these, the public should pick the best fit for their needs.

Rebecca La Pira – Real Estate Agent at REMAX Fortune • 201-779-1630

A real estate agent can introduce buyers to amazing mortgage lenders such as Approved Funding and other top notch industry experts to make the home buying process smooth – such as home inspectors, attorneys, oil tank specialists, insurance agents, and general contractors.

Avia Blum – Real Estate Agent at Coldwell Banker, Alpine/Closter • 201-965-9248

It’s all about a personal touch! I’ll make sure to introduce the buyers to the area (area orientation), the school system, pre-schools, shopping center, good restaurants, recreation center and its program for the kids. I will provide a list of professionals including landscaper, electrician, dentist, etc. to have an easy transition in a new town. 

Kathleen Bertinato – Real Estate Agent at Weichert Realtors • 201-954-6728

One valuable service I provide as a Realtor to both buyers and sellers is a market analysis. This helps sellers determine the price to market their home as well as helps buyers know the best price to start at when they are putting in an offer.

Susan Lowensteiner – Real Estate Agent at V & N Realty • 201-692-3700

With respect to home buyers, a good agent will ensure that the home buyer consults with a mortgage broker or mortgage lender early in the house-hunting process, in order to determine what the house-buyer’s budget really is.  In addition, they will assist to obtain a pre-approval (not just a pre-qualification) letter.  

Shmuel Shayowitz- President, Approved Funding • 201-833-0123

My special thanks to Annekee, Avia, Debra, Kathleen, Rebecca, and Susan for their creative and insightful perspectives. Aside from being the #1 factor in facilitating a deal between buyers and sellers, a good real estate agent provides contacts, research and insight that is priceless.

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