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Getting “The Best Mortgage” is not always about getting ‘the lowest rate’ but at Approved Funding you can now have the best of both worlds… great rates with exceptional advice and guidance.

The once inconceivable mortgage rate (not fee) of 1.99% is now being offered by Approved Funding for select products and applicants. Here are some highlights of our 1.99 Approved Mortgage:

  • No Broker Fees. We are the Direct Lender on this product.
  • No Discount or “Buy Down” Points
  • Eligible Loan amount must be less than or equal to $548,250.00
  • Fixed Rate Mortgage for 15 Year Term (Low Rate options available for 30yr as well)
  • Property must be located in New Jersey (Low Rate options available outside of NJ as well)
  • Loan to value cannot exceed 75% (ie: minimum of 25% equity in your home)
  • Residence must be Owner Occupied (Primary Residence) only.
  • Minimum Credit score of 750+ required (Low Rate options available for 720-749 as well)
  • Only Purchase mortgages, and No Cash Out Refinances are eligible
  • Minimum loan amount of $200,000 required

Offer expires 08/31/2021. To be contacted for eligibility, complete the form below:


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