Approved Funding is a multi-state Direct Mortgage Lender. With over three decades of perseverance, billions in mortgage financing, and thousands of satisfied clients, we have become one of the area’s fastest growing privately held mortgage banks, by distinguishing ourselves through professionalism, honesty and integrity. As a privately held mortgage bank we have the same lending authority and ability as any comparable commercial bank. What sets us apart is that we use our power as banker combined with the mindset of a local broker which uses any and all means to find the proper loan program and get the job done. Unlike public lenders and commercial banks we do not need board approval nor do we need to worry about our portfolio or positioning which allows us to close on any loan which we feel makes sense.We believe mortgage lending is not a commodity business. Our vision is to assemble the best mortgage banking organization by focusing first and foremost on customer and associate satisfaction. Our growth can be attributed to a business strategy of measured growth, but we truly believe it’s because of something more: Our Values. We believe in three core principles of doing business: Service, Integrity, and Passion. This was accomplished through strategic alignments and a talented senior management team, who are committed to complete customer and partner satisfaction.With almost three decades of satisfactory lending, we have been able to create and negotiate special variances to enhance our lending ability. From alternative documentation types, to extended rate-lock guarantees, to non-warrantable condos – we have the ability to work with any situation and create a custom solution suitable for the overall scope of the project.

As mortgage bankers, we are the direct lender for all our loans. What this means is that we are in control of the processing, underwriting, closing and funding of each and every loan. Because we are the decision makers on each commitment, we can assist in obtaining streamlined exceptions and making common sense decisions on non-traditional and “out of the box” scenarios.

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