One of the biggest hesitations that a homeowner has in refinancing their mortgage is that they  “don’t want to start again at a 30 year mortgage”.


Simply put they don’t want to lose the year, or two, or three that they put in to paying their mortgage thus far.

Approved Funding recognizes the concern, and realizes that for different homeowners there are different needs and unique circumstances that shouldn’t force everyone into the same “cookie-cutter” generic 30 year or 15 year mortgage.

As such, we have set up a program to address this need known as our “Continuation Mortgage”. Whether you paid down 1 year or 12, we can offer you a 29 year loan or a 8 year loan and get your mortgage paid off faster and cheaper than ever before.

Why start over?

Use Approved Funding's Continuation & Custom Mortgage term option from Approved Funding your trusted financial advisor to help achieve these and other important financial results:

  • Helping you save more money towards retirement
  • Showing you how to pay thousands less in interest over the life of your mortgage loan
  • Assisting you to own their home Free and Clear faster
  • Facilitating a plan to Build Equity in your biggest asset and investment


Get more information and see if and how this custom loan program can work best for your situation.

Also see some of other specialty mortgage programs that me be of benefit to you or your clients.

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