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Elmwood Park, New Jersey 07407

Prior to 1916, the area which is now Elmwood Park was known as Dundee Lake, a section of Saddle River Township. Residents of the Dundee Lake area voted on April 18, 1916, to secede from Saddle River Township, to form the Borough of East Paterson. In 1917, residents of the Rosemont section of Saddle River Township voted to be annexed to East Paterson. In November of 1972, residents voted to change the name of the Borough to Elmwood Park. The new name became official on January 1, 1973.

As of 2010, census, there were 19,403 people, 7,089 households, and 5,075 families residing in the Borough. The population density was 7,129.8/mi² (2,757.4/km²). For additional information, please see Demographics.

Form of Government in Elmwood Park
municipal building Borough of Elmwood Park was originally incorporated in 1916 and is governed by a Mayor and six-member Council whose members oversee the Borough’s administrative agencies. The Mayor is elected directly by the voters to serve a term of four years. Members of the Council serve overlapping terms, with two members elected at large each year to serve for three years.

Under the Borough form of government, Council members act as the legislative body with the Mayor presiding at meetings and voting in the event of a tie. Most appointments are made by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Council. The Mayor also annually assigns Council committee and liaison duties to effectively carry on the business of government.

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