[sws_tooltip trigger=”Trigger” tooltipcontent=”ToolTip Content” effect=”toggle” width=”200px”] [/sws_tooltip] [sws_ui_dialog trigger=”Dialog Trigger” title=”Dialog Title” resizable=”false” modal=”false” ui_theme=”ui-smoothness” autoOpen=”false” draggable=”false” OKbuttonText=”OK” height=”0″ width=”0″ minWidth=”150″ minHeight=”150″ buttons=””]Dialogue Content Dialogue Content Dialogue Content Dialogue Content Dialogue Content Dialogue Content Dialogue Content Dialogue Content Dialogue Content [/sws_ui_dialog] [accordion auto_height=”false” ui_theme=”ui-smoothness” collapsible=”1″ active=”3″][accordion_panel title=”FHA Loan”]An FHA loan offers you Low down payments, Low closing costs, Easy credit qualifying [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Fixed Mortgage”]With a 30 year fixed rate mortgage you lock in todays interest rate for thirty years. If you are conservative or want to play it safe, that’s a very smart move. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”VA Loan”]Through this program Veterans can refinance their homes at very competitive rates. Or if you are purchasing a home a VA loan offers a zero down payment option. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Jumbo Loan”]We offer great rates for mortgages over $417,000. Financing up to $5,000,000 with 15-year fixed, 30-year fixed, and ARM options. [/accordion_panel] [/accordion]




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