Happy Black Friday! – and – Happy “Green” Friday, as you will shortly learn about…

We hope you are all recuperating from Thanksgiving and seeing success with your shopping endeavors today.

In honor of Black Friday and Green Friday Approved Funding is pleased to provide you with a compilation of the TOP discount sites with the best discounts and most reliable information.

Since 1987 Approved Funding prides itself on the “relationship” style business approach that we have offered our clients and referral partners.

Simply put – we succeed at providing “The Right Advice … At The Right Price”.

As we have unfortunately seen during the market crash, customers got attractive “low rate” mortgages, but the products were toxic by design.

At the same time, we have experienced that most consumers might forge on the bells, whistles and gimmicks if the rate & service they are being offered is competitive and sensible.

That has been Approved Funding’s philosophy since inception. Provide the best deal at the best price with the best service consistently!!

So why are we hereby celebrating today as “GREEN FRIDAY” day?!

Mortgage Rates are officially the lowest that they have been in almost 2 years for qualified applicants. That means if you bought a home or refinanced your mortgage within the past 2 years, or if your financial situation has improved over the past 24 months, you will be able to benefit from market (and guideline) improvements to your favor!

Help us help you celebrate by locking in the lowest rate you will find and take advantage of the savings like never before!!

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