Esther Shayowitz – Real Estate Agent at V & N Realty –

Office (201) 692-3700 • Cell (201) 638-5858

Find a trustworthy real estate professional that has the knowledge, skills and personality that matches your needs. Look for someone who sells homes locally and understands the local market trends. Because you’ll be working so closely on such a big transaction, the relationship you have with your agent should be one of comfort and trust. 

Kathleen Bertinato – Real Estate Agent at Weichert Realtors –

Office (201) 592-1400 • Cell (201) 954-6728

First thing, you want to make sure they are a full-time agent. This gives sellers the confidence they will be focused on selling their home. Make sure they are professional, honest, that they know the market, and they have a good online presence. Sellers should check reviews and testimonials of what others thought about working with them. 

Odeliah Weissmann – Real Estate Agent at Prominent Properties –

Office (201) 568-5668 • Cell (201) 561-2612

It’s all about relationships – relationships this agent has with other agents and most importantly with previous clients and with you. Responsiveness is a very big key to maintaining that relationship. You need to know your agent is there when you need them. It’s very important to have a steady stream of communication throughout this process. Additionally, understanding each clients individual needs and really internalizing that to either market your home properly or help you find the home that’s right for you. That trust is what you are looking for.

Edyie Rosenfeld – Real Estate Agent at Russo Real Estate –

Office (201) 837-8800 • Cell (201) 647-9716

Homebuyers may spend as much money on their real estate agent as on their car, but many will choose their agent in less than an hour. Choose your agent wisely. You want someone who knows the local market in your target neighborhoods. Look for expertise not just eagerness. 

Shmuel Shayowitz – President, Approved Funding • Office (201) 833-0123

My thanks to Esther Shayowitz, Kathleen Bertinato, Odeliah Weissmann and Edyie Rosenfeld for the very important and insightful comments on this topic. Finding a real estate professional should involve extensive research and a thorough interview process that makes you truly comfortable with the agent. Picking an agent from a bus stop bench or random flyer is not as reassuring and reaching out to a few agents with whom you can develop a comfortable relationship with.

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