Zohar Zamir – Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams Town Life 201-894-8004 • 201-780-7884

Besides location (which you can’t change) the most important factors in selling your home quickly are presentation and pricing. Your home needs to be well staged and put its best foot forward to make a great first impression. It also needs to be priced right in order to get buyers in the door and create buzz. This is where working with a professional is so valuable – they can help you price your home appropriately. A higher asking price can slow your sale and does not always result in the highest selling price. 

Rebecca La Pira – Real Estate Agent at ReMax Fortune 201-816-8889 • 201-779-1630

If you price it right, it’ll sell overnight. If you price it wrong it’ll stay on for too long!

Annekee Brahver-Keely – Broker Associate at Russo Real Estate 201-837-8800 • 201-314-2125

Clean up your house best as possible by purging as much as you can and getting rid of stuff you want to get rid of anyhow. Next, price aggressively right above market value. I do not believe in under pricing to create price wars. That’s dangerous. If you follow these simple rules then you will get every dollar of value. 🙂 

Linda Stamker – Real Estate Agent at Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International 201-585-8080 • 646-234-9900

It’s crucial to work with a trusted real estate agent with a track record in their market. The second most important strategy is to price the home close to market value, so buyers feel compelled to see the house right away or risk losing it to another buyer. Marketing is also key – working with the right agents can provide maximum exposure including staging and professional photos when appropriate. A seller should consider all offers, and have their agent negotiate on their behalf. 

Eric Wein – Broker Associate at Russo Real Estate 201-837-8800 • 201-410-1556

Cleaning up your house, taking advantage of some simple staging improvements, and getting the price right will lead to a quick sale. Hitting the market at a price leaving a buyer with the feeling that if they don’t make an offer, the next guy who sees it will. That’s the price that will bring a lot of activity and interest, leading to a quick sale for the seller. 

Avia Blum – Real Estate Agent at Coldwell Banker, Alpine/Closter 201-767-0550 • 201-965-9248

House must be priced well even below market value to create lots of activity and probably a bidding war. We all know there is no house selling below it’s true market value. In addition,”less is more” and better for the house to be clear and clean with not too many clutter. 

Noa Hubsher – Real Estate Agent at Douglas Elliman Real Estate 212-350-8500 • 973-886-5927

There are two key components when a homeowner is serious about selling, and selling quickly – Price and Marketing. It is essential that the home is priced well and realistically. Very frequently do we run into sellers who have unrealistic expectations and base their preferred listing price off of how desirable they feel the home is and not according to what the market demands. Marketing, as well, is an integral part of the selling process. It is very important to market a product that is visually appealing to the public and attracts attention. 

Shmuel Shayowitz – President, Approved Funding 201-833-0123

My thanks to Zohar Zamir, Eric Wein, Avia Blum, Linda Stamker, Annekee Brahver-Keely, Noa Hubsher and Rebecca La Pira for the very important and insightful comments on this topic. Price and presentation are critical and can best be achieved with the help of an experienced and passionate real estate agent.

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