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What Advice Would You Give To HomeBuyers When Doing Their Pre-Closing Final Walk-Through?

Zeevyah Benoff – Real Estate Agent at Links Residential • 201-992-3600 • zeevyah@linksnj.com

My advice to home buyers during the walk through is to make sure the home is in the same condition it was in when they had the inspection – meaning, no new damage. This is your last opportunity to ensure that everything in the home is in working order as agreed upon with the seller. However, it is important to remember that a walk-through is not to be used as an additional inspection in which the buyer renegotiates credits off the price. It is recommended that your agent and attorney be notified immediately should an issue be noted.

Ruby Kaplan – Real Estate Agent at V & N Realty • 201-803-7203 • rubykaplan@aol.com

When I do walk-through before closing, I caution my buyers to observe if the home is in similar condition as the way they found it – with some leeway for general wear and tear. If any disrepair is noted, the buyer must report to the attorney to discuss possible credit at closing.   Items such as broken windows, gaping holes in the walls or newly stained carpeting that weren’t there previously could be reported back to the attorney. It is wise to bring a camera to take pictures. Agreed upon light fixtures, window treatments, and said appliances should be there or removed per the agreement between buyers and sellers. Also, any additional items that were agreed upon previously between both parties that remain in home or to be removed should be further checked that obligations are met….and, again, reported to attorney.

Shmuel Shayowitz – President, Approved Funding • 201-833-0123 • Shmuel@approvedfunding.com

My thanks to Zeevyah Benoff of Links Residential and Ruby Kaplan of V & N Realty for their comments and insight. As mentioned above, buyers should be in immediate contact with their attorney and realtor about issues they observe. Once you close on the purchase, the previous owners will not be obligated for fixing any damage previously unnoticed. When working with competent agents and lenders, last minute items can be coordinated properly ensuring that both the sellers and buyers are protected, and their needs handled without issue. Call me for excellent recommendations of professionals that will suit your personality and individual needs. We look forward to sharing additional professional perspectives on other topics of interest.

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